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NA/Casual/PvX/YB Mature Player Seeking Relaxed Social Guild


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Hello all. I am a returning player who has been back in the game for nearly a year now, and the time has come for me to find a new guild to call home. What I'm seeking is a social, adult guild with a relaxed atmosphere. Small guilds are preferred. I am a fairly active player who enjoyed fractals, dungeons, open world exploration, and helping others. I would consider raiding with the right group, but it's not a priority. WvW is new to me, but I am learning. I am currently on YB.

A brief overview of what I'm looking for:

  • Fractals I love Fractals, and would do them most days if I had the opportunity. Pugging does not excite me as much. People to do Fractals with would make me a happy camper.
  • Fun and Relaxed Atmosphere I'm not too hung up on the meta, or doing everything in the most efficient way possible, so long as things get done and everyone has fun. Bonus points for bad jokes and general silliness.
  • Early Evenings I'm on the East Coast and, due to age and job considerations, I am not easily able to pull off late nights (at least throughout the week). Ideally, I'd like to be winding down from the game by 10pm EST.
  • Mature Environment I'm not particularly concerned about language, or the types of humour people enjoy, but would appreciate it if the overall tone of your guild was mature and free from hate/drama. 18+ or higher is also nice.
  • Friendly, Social Players Once I get comfortable, I become quite chatty, and enjoy company as I wander through the world. Having other people who share that mindset would be amazing.

If you have a guild that you feel might be a good fit, please leave a response here, or reach me at TurboPeach.7246 in game. Thanks for stopping by. I will be updating this post as I think of more things to add.

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Hi! Yes! I do have a guild that might be a good fit for you! B)

I'm part of the Remnants of Hope [HOPE] guild and I think you could settle in very easily with us! We have very active forums, teamspeak and group events almost every day of the week, including boss trains, meta events, dungeons, fractals... pretty much anything you could want to do in-game, we have people who do it and would welcome you! And the overall attitude in our community is fantastic. They're patient, fun, and knowledgeable. I just did my first raid last week, and everyone was SO chill and cared far more about having a good time and learning together than being a perfectly-running machine. I haven't run fractals yet (so much to do...) but I know some of our people are REALLY into fractals and are always looking for people to run them at any level. Newbies to pro, everybody's always welcome.

The only thing that I'm curious to know if it'll fit for you is the 18+ point. We do accept members of all ages to our community, and strive to keep our communication channels PG-13 in content and language. We do this not only for our younger members (there are just a few that I know of, and our age range seems to skew much more into the 30s and higher), but also for the comfort of all our members. We prioritize respect and maturity so that everyone can have fun.

We have an application on our website and you can also check out our full recruitment post HERE. Feel free to message me in-game or on our forums (I'm Siscia over there) if you would like more info or just want to chat! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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@MerlinsBrother.6057 said:Hello turbo! You should check our FENX. We are an 18+ guild that does weekly training and completetion raids, along with daily fractals and we have discord! If you would like to know more our post is in the looking for guild forums, just look for FENX! -Fae

Thanks for writing. I'm wondering how active you guys are. I just took a look at your website, and I saw stuff about you moving to BDO?

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hey there, you look peachy today.so hmm why was the parrot sent out of the classroom? because he was using fowl language!although foul languages exist erywhere, we only drop them on special occasions.

you wanna see how active we are? install Discord. it remains our "gw2" during the day due to school/work.our prime time is 7pm CST until late, aka 8pm your time. most going to bed around 10pm EST too. since again adult stuff in the morning.

we do dungeons fairly often and even have booze fest during weekend and who died has to take shots.about WvW, Anet is working on reconstruction it. so we'll play as a guild and all mega servers will cease to exist.

i love fractals too. do training runs nightly if i'm home from work early, and run t4s with some guildies. still need a lot more people who can t4s so we could fill up a whole guild run xd

this is a short story. the longer version lies here. feel free to make some coffee, sit back and enjoy the read. if interested, you could hit me up on reddit or in-game.https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/7u0gj4/napvxintense_pleasure_mmm_chill_guild_lfm/

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Heyo, not sure if you're still looking for a guild or not, but I'll pitch ours.

[HERO] is a PvX guild focused on community, we play all the game has to offer, and we focus on small group content. Primarily, we are a pickup and play team, whereas people sign on, and group up with other people to do the content they want to play. We do schedule a raid night, guild missions night, and other events as well.

Mainly, we use discord for all of our guild's communication, and several members are online through that service all throughout the day. We keep the guild's roster trim, to ensure a close-knit community and active player base. Whisper me if you'd like more information.

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Greetings Turbo,

If you're still looking for a place to call home, perhaps I can help. We're called The Gryphons Aerie and we’re a small, casual/semi-casual yet social, 18+, PvE, family on Tarnished Coast (though as long as you're on a NA server, it doesn't matter too much unless you plan to WvsW heavily). We're currently trying to rebuild our core ranks in order to have more regular guild events. Right now, we have events on Sundays and Tuesdays, focusing on things like Dungeons, Fractals, Living World Story Content, hero point chasing, etc. Our current peak time tends to be in the mid-late evening EST, though we have a few others from various time zones.

We know that RL comes first and stress that fact.We’ll still be there even if you can’t for a bit of time. Just leave a little note to let us know you'll be away, and all is well.

We do not demand 100% representation.It’s not our business to tell you who you can and cannot associate with; that choice is yours alone.

We are focused on providing a place where people can feel comfortable and as though they are more than just a name on the roster. We want everyone to feel like family.We are very LGBTQ+ affirmative and do not tolerate any sort of derogatory words, comments, bigotry etc. toward anyone regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexuality. Anyone violating that policy is subject to immediate removal, no questions asked.

We’re willing to help out with any and all questions as best as we can, whether it's dungeons/Fractals, builds, and other general game questions. All you need to do is ask. We also don’t do the “speed runs”, exploits, etc, nor require anyone to bring a specific class or build for any dungeon run. Bring whatever you want and we'll have fun regardless.

We also have a Discord, but use of the voice chat is on a purely optional basis, although using the text channels is expected.

For more information, check out our Guild Website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note here or contact me in game and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Hiya! Just wanted to drop by since it seems like you're still looking... if you have any specific questions or concerns about Remnants of Hope and want some clarification, please feel free to contact either me or Squeeks.1842 in-game or on the Remnants of Hope forums: http://www.remnantsofhope.com (I'm Siscia). Either of us would be happy to help you figure out if [HOPE] could be a good fit for you.

Regardless of where you land, I hope you find the perfect guild home soon! =)

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