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Shared Slot (to the side- next to the "Bags")

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Hello guys,

just as my title says, i'd like to suggest the idea of putting (optional, of course) to place your shared slots to the side, instead on the "top" of your bags.

So when you open your inventory, you see your BAGS and your SHARED SLOTS in 2 columns. I suggest this cause once you have many bag slots (180+) is preety annoying to scroll down and i also don't like to make the bag inventory so big that it takes much of my screen and obviously the "shared slots" have/need a fast-reaction spirit (in my opinion).

Just an idea, say what you think!


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I support this request for it as an option.

I keep them at the top of my inventory on some of my characters, but for others I would prefer to have them on the left of my inventory (right has scrollbar, so doubt it'd be a good option).

Another option I would request: "Sticky Shared Slots"

  • Add a checkbox in inventory options to enable 'Sticky Shared Slots' so your shared inventory slots are always visible when you scroll down/up, so if they would normally scroll out of view, they'll latch to the inventory window and not scroll out of view.
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