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[Fan Trailer] Guild Wars 2 - Return to Tyria (Prize Raffle)


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Guild Wars 2 - Return to Tyria

Hi everyone I'd like some help from the community to make better trailers and gameplay videos for Guild Wars 2.

I'm planning on making some new content for Living World season 4 and would like some criticism on a video I made recently. The original version of the video won 25th place in the Wooden Potatoes competition but since I wasn't Doing it for the prize anyway I've decided to raffle it off (WP said he was cool with this).

So from now until March 22nd leave a comment on the vid with any sort of criticism (Please no one word replies just to get in the raffle. I'd like to be able to create better content for the game). The prize will be 1600 gems and I'll announce the winner on the 23rd of March.

This video was designed to target old veterans that may have played GW2 in the past, quit before the expansions were released and are looking to possibly get back in. Obviously it's also for new people who want to join and are looking for some good gameplay footage! Please let me know what you think! I'd love to be able to use the criticism to make better videos for the community.

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