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Got a Guild? We have a family - new/returning member friendly

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The Flames of the Mist is re-opening recruitment for new friends! We're a social PvX guild with a focus on quality over quantity. We don’t want to be that mega guild that turns into an LFG -- we want to help each other and develop friendships to better enhance the guild experience.

One of our main focuses is helping players reach their goals. That may include build, gear, story mode completion, dungeons, and fractals. We have fun when you’re having fun! So we are definitely new player/returning player friendly. We are true PvX, meaning we participate in all game aspects –- PvE, sPvP & WvW. Our home server is Ferguson’s Crossing, but you only need to worry about that if you’re interested in WvW activities. We welcome anyone from any server.

We use Discord for voice/general chat and a website which is our central location of information like guides, guild news, and theorycrafting. We are 100% rep (that means you need to wear the MIST tag all the time), but we do allow exceptions on a case-by-case basis, so please reach out to us if you're interested but you have another guild.

We are not and do not promote elitism: you're free to run what build works for you. In the case of WvW, higher tier fractals, and raids, we may give you some pointers but we will never require a specific build. We aren’t going for speed clear records or anything that requires strict adherence to a meta build. We do encourage that you optimize your build, and we have plenty of people who can help.

All in all we are a fun, friendly guild! We're level 34 with a beautifully decorated and upgraded Windswept Haven guild hall. We have several scheduled events each week which includes activities such asTraining RaidsGuild MissionsBeginner Fractals on upAlong with various social events like movie nights and karaoke!

To join, go to http://mistflames.enjin.com/ and fill out an application in the Applications forum. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our Leadership Team:

Magical Things.8465Ninjazzy.3024Jevati.4328Dahkeus.8243WisdoM.8607symmash.6243

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