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AP points for daily not appearing

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How many achievement points do you have total? I ask because there is a combined daily/monthly achievement cap of 15000; once you reach that cap, you won't get AP for dailies. But if you only have 230 AP total, then there's something else going on. Are you sure you're completing three of the dailies from the list?

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@"Viorith.7823" said:Complete total 29230, worked just fine before, 100% sure I didn't hit the cap

I'm not sure you can hit 29230 without hitting the daily cap. (Gz on the amount though: that's impressive.)

There's only one way to check in game:

  • Open the hero panel
  • Switch to the achievement tab
  • Mouse over the arena net symbol and add up "Daily" plus "Monthly" points.
  • If that adds up to 15k, you've hit the cap.

There's no indications in GW2 that there is a cap, let alone a notification that you've reached it. :(

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