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Should I continue playing this game?

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@AstronomyD.8235 said:I'm not sure why I'm posting this, but...

I need some advice to why and if I should continue play this game after 4089 hours across all characters. My issue is that I'm not at good at this game. I don't participate in raids, and high level fractals because I'm not good at the game. It is not my goal to be top a tier GW2 player but I really enjoy the story and the world of Tyria. Playing Path of fire, make me feel so weak and vulnerable as a weaver (berserker + soldier trinkets) that I wonder why anyone still calls me the commander. Do anyone else feel the same or is it just me that is not capable of enjoying the northern parts of Elona?

So I definitely came here with the intent of saying, "No, stop and give me your stuff." You know, like you do. But this isn't the appropriate place for snark, cause this seems like a legitimate call for help.

I've been playing this game since Early Access. I reached T2 fractals this year. It wasn't something I cared about. I still haven't played every path of all the dungeons. I've not been in any raids. I've never PvPed in any matches. I've only been in WvW long enough to get the JPs and the world completes because I did that before they made WvW unnecessary. Not playing hard core doesn't make you a bad player. You've put a bunch of time into the game, I assume because you enjoy it. If you enjoy it, then continue playing. Don't stop unless you don't enjoy it anymore. You don't seem to need high level play to enjoy it, so don't let it bring you down.

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