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[Suggestion] Consume All for Level up rewards.

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Hello Anet Devs.

Please either add an option for Consume All for level up rewards, or give us an option to opt out of level up rewards for subsequent characters.Whenever I make a new character, I have to click the "Level up" button at least one hundred and sixty times, potentially just under two hundred and forty to get it to go away (one click to open the colorful window, once to select my reward if available, and another to hit accept.)

The sentiment is nice, but I have nine characters. Since my first character was created before the level up reward change, I did not have to do it for them, but right now I am facing at least one thousand, two hundred and eighty mouse clicks just to get the (Hey you leveled up) emblem off of my screen so I don't keep accidentally opening it when I try to adjust my camera in the middle of fights.

Please make this a little easier to remove from subsequent characters if possible.


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Honestly I'd be more than happy to just have an option to opt out of the rewards. I'm currently at 42 characters, 39 of which are level 80, and for the most part I don't level them as I go I use tomes of knowledge and birthday scrolls to instantly level them up. I know it's a small change but not having to sit there every time and click through every levels rewards would be a wonderful qol option, and I am more than happy to just not get them as I gear my own characters anyways and trashing all the soulbound items in my inventory is really just a pain. As the OP said the thought is appreciated but any kind of option would be wonderful.

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