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Practicing Art, Need Characters to Draw

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Hi guys! I am practicing drawing and art, and I am not very good at coming up with ideas. Therefore, I decided I would draw other people's characters.

I will take any requests, however I prefer drawing humans, Sylvari, or Norn. I also prefer females, or characters with long hair, but I am very flexible.

I am in no way an amazing artist with beautifully colored digital art. I prefer to draw by hand, and to do black and white with realistic shading, but a few bits of color, like eyes.

If you want, just reply to this with pictures of your character. A close up of the face and a whole body picture would be nice, depending on what you want. Or you can send them to me on Twitter: CryBloodwing

I will go in order of replies. It may take me some time to get stuff done because of college.

Below is a tweet of some recent drawings I did, or started drawing.


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