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What I like about GW2, and suggestions

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I just wanted to list what I like about GW2, and a few things I do not like, want added, or want changed.

I need to mention however, that I have never reached endgame. My highest level has been 38, and I have the Heart of Thorns expansion. Not Path of Fire.


  1. How much content there is for free, I never actually played for free though.
  2. The amount of content that is good for a completionist/collectionist. I love collecting and unlocking things. GW2 has outfits, appearances, dyes, maps, jumping puzzles, etc. So much for me to have fun completing.
  3. Number of classes and gathering/crafting classes, variety of weapons and skills.
  4. How all of the areas connect very nicely. Easy to get to other races starting areas and you are not required to only level in your own.
  5. Graphics, animations, are amazing. Such bright colors.
  6. I have never seen anyone who is rude or a scammer in chat.
  7. Separate space for all crafting items, and you can store the items at any place and any time.


  1. It is kind of lonely. There are always people around, but no one ever talks in chat. I have played hours without even making one friend.
  2. Quests around the maps can get very boring at times.
  3. Some classes are really boring compared to others.
  4. Story is pretty boring.

Want Added

  1. A house you can customize. Sure, we have an instance with gathering nodes possible, but a house that we can enter, build furniture, decorate, store items, and craft in would be awesome. You could also invite friends to it. Similar to houses in ESO and FFXIV.
  2. Gardening/Farming/Fishing, plant and gather your own ingredients.
  3. Minigames/gambling. Similar to the Gold Saucer in FFXIV. There is a game where you collect cards and play like an actual card battle with other players. There is also jackpots, and other things.
  4. Longer hairstyles for female humans. The Norns have some long hairstyles, but my poor human characters do not. :(
  5. An elf race or a catgirl/catboy race.
  6. A priest type race. It would be like an Ele, but with shadow skills, healing skills, etc, depending on weapon. Like how water for Ele is better for healing.
  7. A druid class. There is a hunter druid profession, but I would love more of a druid. Magic based, partly shift to other animals and that changes skills, like Ele changes affinities. Like a bear affinity, the druid gains more protection type skills, they would get a colored aura around them. A cat affinity which is more for damage. Fast attacks, agile. and more
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