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[Eu][PvX] Crystallise [Crys] is recruiting!


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Crystallise is a guild that was founded somewhere in 2005, moving through a few games before finally settling in GW2 around the first Halloween events (2012). The guild's primary vision and goal was and still is to provide a warm, friendly, family-like environment where we grow together as a team, helping each other and most importantly enjoying the game! And last but not least, we firmly believe in quality over quantity.


  • 100% representation. (We do allow the use of storage guilds)

  • We gladly welcome both experienced and inexperienced members!

  • Be active: We do not expect you to be online 100% because real life always comes first, but if you have to be absent for a while please let us know so we do not kick you (we kick inactive members after one month of inactivity unless notified).

  • Be friendly and mature: We expect our members to respect the others, be supportive and not swear or offend the other members. We also expect every member to be engaged in the guild chat and reply when needed. We don't bite! :)

  • Be online: We would appreciate being online at least during weekends and/or during some of our events. Participating is never a must, but why be part of a community if you don't partake? :)


Currently our guild offers the following activities:

  • Guild missions (Sundays)

  • Guild desert bounty hunts (On requests)

  • Group open world content, dungeons, world bosses (On requests, including HoT and PoF content)

  • Fractals (Both training for inexperienced players and T4s)

  • Raids (Training runs during weekends and on thursdays)

  • Various social events during weekends.

  • A lottery running every month.

We use a discord server for our main communication out of the game.

How do I join?

If you're interested in joining our guild, please contact:

Fracture.8245 (Me)

Ligot.7620 (Guild leader)

Hope to see you join us soon and happy adventuring!

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