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Choya Stampede


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I've done it often and sometimes it happens every 10 minutes or so.But what I've noticed so far is that it doesn't happen when the Amnoon race is active or about to start (the 5min-pre-phase) -which seemed logical to me because at the stoya stampede the eastern Amnoon gate is closed and if you wanted to do the race you couldn't get through - although you could get over it.

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There are three types of event triggers I have recognised.1: time2: other events3: local population.

It isn’t really a trigger on other events. I have also seen it at full daylight, so the blitz is it not. I think it is a combination of one and two.

Then first trigger is local population. The second is time.

So combining the reports, if local population is high enough it triggers with a minimum interval of 10 minutes. If local population is low it spawns after 30 minutes max.

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