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client cant finish todays patch, last 1 file keep crashing at 54mb

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like i said at the title, i cant download the last 1 file. it stops when 54 mb downloaded and stays like that.

edit: i tried to repair client but my pc didnt allow me to add -repair to location part.i tried the thing with writing a command on cmd.i allowed the game client on firewall.

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same problem.

  1. First, locate and delete your local.dat file which can be found in your Documents > Guild Wars 2 folder.
    • there is no local.dat in that folder. not invis
  2. Next,reboot your computer and launch Guild Wars 2 again. After seeing the “1 file remaining” message, a secondary protocol should kick in to download the missing file from the backup system. This process usually takes about 10 minutes.
    • yeah after 54 mb stops
  3. If after 15 minutes or so you find that the above process has not resolved the issue – that is, you’re still stuck at a 99% download – please try this work-around: Change the language setting for the launcher (in the top right corner of your screen) to a different language. At that time, the download should complete. Once that occurs, change the launcher back to your original language and log in to play.
    • there is no lang option anymore at top right corner please update. and DE lang need more 5-6 gb i guess.
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