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Three Golem Monte

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I'm sure a lot of posts have been made about this, but I'd like to ask help...I'm trying to get Three Golem Monte achievement in the newest LS4E2 map. I have to say, this is one of the most painful, annoying, RNG enraging little pieces of arbitrary AP/Achievement progress ever. Now I am raging a little, and I feel it rightly so deserves this. For those that haven't tried to get this achievement or attempt the event, I encourage you to do so, so that you can feel my pain.

Anyways, I'm fine up until the last wave of the event. Issues arise when one of several things happen.

  1. The lightning marker gets culled and then I have to waste my time guessing to ultimately fail.
  2. The tiny little golems move so fast that I lose track.
  3. If I do manage to track it, it intersects with 1 or 2 other golems and I lose it completely due to my lower frame rate.
  4. I have attempted this with other people, upwards of 5 total. And even though we get gold, it turns out that none of us get the AP unless EVERYONE gets the golems flawlessly with no error. So there's no chance at using numbers to crush this problem.
  5. On top of all the others, the event doesn't respawn at any reasonable pace. Perhaps 30 minutes before attempts, maybe more. I've dedicated myself to finding l4g taxies to other maps in hopes one is up.

Overall, it seriously feels like for 1 ap this event is asking a lot, and I have been attempting it off and on with 1 dedicated character standing at the location for several days now.

If anyone has input, or constructive criticism on how to accomplish this event and get the achievement, I'd be grateful for your help.

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I've been attempting this one with a friend and we find it challenging for sure, but very doable.The problem we have was not getting the achievement despite both of us interacting with the right golem on first try all five waves. (we managed it twice, while we were the only active players on the events), so we're waiting for a fix or something. We'll probably give it some other tries soon, just in case.But this seems to conflict with what you've said :

@Alimar.8760 said:none of us get the AP unless EVERYONE gets the golems flawlessly with no error.May I ask where you did get that from ?

And lastly but most importantly,

@Alimar.8760 said:

  1. On top of all the others, the event doesn't respawn at any reasonable pace. Perhaps 30 minutes before attempts, maybe more. I've dedicated myself to finding l4g taxies to other maps in hopes one is up.There are 3 possible spawn locations, the spawn occurs at one of the other 2 locations a few minutes (like 4-5) after completion (successful or not) of the first event.
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I spent.. couple of hours on this.. parking two characters on two locations. A few times I got all the guesses correct but didn't get the ap. Finally after few hours trying and a dozen tries.. i finally got it.at some stage i feel that players just pop in and ruin the game up for player intentionally. they came at mid game and talk to one of golem to fail it then walk away............ :( even when i said plssss don't.. but i am glad i got it done. theres few bugs here and there too with this LS.

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I finally manged to get this achievement today. For context, I'm 49, my eyesight isn't that good, and I have a medical condition that reduces my strength (on bad days and high stress situations, it's twitchy eyes and shakey hands).

What helped me was zooming all the way out so you can see as much of the area as you can, and holding a pen in my hand, pointing it at the screen, and attempting to keep it pointed at the highlighted golem. I got pretty decent during the first four stages, but that last one with 14 tiny golems always threw me, until this morning. See if that trick works for you.

Also, for those of you that may not know about all the locations, they are at:

They seem to spawn in different locations at random every 10 minutes or so, so travel around to the sites listed above to maximize your chances.

Hope this helps. :)

EDIT: I forgot to mention, you cannot get any wrong guesses or it voids the achievement.

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Endless soul.. gratz!! I am sure it's a huge relief when you get this done right.. lol I felt a big achievement accomplish (to beat the bug, the lag, the game and the players that spawn during the event was on) :pYeah zoom out is definately help. Didn't think of using a pen lol that's classic.. I might end up poking a hole on my monitorAnyway the op was saying he got all correct and still not getting the achievement registered.. we believe this is a bug. Either wait for anet to fix this or try to beat the bug xDI didn't know there are 3 locations. I only know two .. so that should help to save more time waiting for the event to reset. I think they about 10-20 mins (?) Sometimes feel it's longer

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Maybe this helps: I've done this achievement together with my sister (there was no one else there) on the first try. At the last small golems my sister lost track of the right one but I was quite sure which one it was. So if you bring one or two friends you can watch the golems together. If one of you can't follow one of them, there are one or two other people who might be able to identify the right golem and you can decide together which is the correct one and so reduce the risk of being wrong.

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I recently completed it. Here were a few things that I learned.

1. Framerate is important.

If you're like like me and have an older CPU, then odds are you usually get about 30 or less frames on high setting graphics. Maybe 45 if you lower it to minimum. But minimum is bad for this since it'll cull the charged golem effect. The compromize is setting everything to low, and setting "Character Model Limit" to high.

2. There are 3 locations on the map.

Two of the locations are around the northern and eastern edges of rata primus. Hard to miss, just follow the buildings around the outside. The last one is near the magnetics lab. This provided me a much faster attempt rate than say joining groups to use as taxi's into other maps that had it active.

Overall with this information I was able to get a completely lucky guess on the last phase of the golem event. However with higher frame rate i was able to narrow down the number of choices to be about 3 golems. I suggest you try this out if you're still having trouble.

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