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ascended weapon/armor stats swap

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as I understand I can use mystic forge to swap stat for ascended gear(exclude trinket/backpiece),
for example I want viper stats shortbow I just craft a cheaper shortbow such as Leftpaw's Short Bow, then goto forge put in Viper's Orichalcum Imbued Inscription, the bow, 5xGlob of Ectoplasm, and Anthology of Heroes. villa I got Yassith's Short Bow?

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It's usually not any cheaper to craft a "cheap stat" and transform it in the forge. You can save on recipe costs and you can save on time-gated or event-gated materials, but hardly ever on cost.

For example, Hronk's prefix (magi) is typically cheaper than Zojja's (zerker) or Makklain's (Minstrel's). But to convert, you still need the insignia/inscription and ecto.

For example,

Converting to Zojja's requires 5 ecto (less than 1g these days) plus an exotic zerker inscription (2.8g), so total costs of 49.8, which is more than making Zojja's Bastion directly.

Maklain's seems more promising, but requires the same 5 ecto (~80s) plus an exotic minstrel inscription (19g), for a total cost of 66g, also more expensive than making it directly.

That analysis leaves off two important considerations:

  • The recipes for the ascended inscriptions and ascended weapons cost gold (and sometimes laurels).
  • Some HoT and some PoF stats also require special components for ascended inscriptions & insignia, e.g Jeweled dowels/patches for HoT prefixes.

Using the mystic forge bypasses the need to learn the recipes or farm for special components.

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Make a cheap one. Buy magis or get the drops from fractals. Then make the inscriptions and convert. However I will say the price diff isn’t as much as it use to be. It still cost a lot to make an ascended piece. Your talking about couple gold in diff. The cheapest way is to do fractals and craft weaponsmith marks or leatherworkers and buying through fractal vendors. Crafting grandmastermarks are only 10 gold a mark. Instead of spending 50 gold. Your spending 30-35 gold.

But you have to do a lot of dailies to be able to get yhe type of currency in fractals. However it is still cheaper in gold.

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