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Bug in the system. Last part.

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I don’t know what me and my friend did. But after we killed jokos liona, (forgot how her name is spelled). She falls, the blue dragon appears and all he does it stomp but no fire bolder balls are coming towards us. And only thing that appears are these ice walls that the dragon makes appear after the blue dragon attacks. So we were bugged trying to figure it out but when I saw videos there were still fire balls appearing to attack this green pointer on the ground. But that didn’t pop up on our instance.

What we did, I have no idea but we couldn’t progress at the blue dragon and those ley line cores popped up one time but we couldn’t throw it at anything. And when we tried to throw it at something they didn’t reappear because the fire bolder balls weren’t reappearing.

So I hope it helps but it’s pretty vague to fix.

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Can confirm that this part needs a fix. If you kill Liona before the signal-bar-thingy is full (which happens quite easy), you'll just be left standing there with the only option being restarting the instance. And well, trying not to kill her before she spawned enough of the fireballs.I guess an easy fix would be to just make her invulnerable if her HP reach 1% and the signal bar isn't full.

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