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End Game [Crew], Max Lv 69 Social NA PvX Guild -Recruiting from the Shadows.


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End Game [Crew] is an aged 18+ North American (NA) Social Pvx Community that began on June 2015. We are a medium sized community that treats its members like family and we are a casual and care-free environment. We dedicate ourselves to teaching our members all aspects of the of Guild Wars 2. Our goal is to provide a high quality community and to host fun and interactive events which will benefit and bring enjoyment to all. We are currently restructuring and rebuilding our community and we would love to have veteran and new players! Here is a simplified list of what we are working to provide!

Guild Events!

• Weekly Guild Missions

• Wvw Tuesdays on Devona’s Rest

• Monthly Screenshot ContestS

Friendly Atmosphere - 0% Rep Requirement!

• We do ask that members be at least 18+ as we often get into conversations not appropriate for younger audiences.

• We strive to maintain an active roster for our members. Nearly all members are online and active within 30 days.

Maximum Guild Benefits and Buffs All Guild Buffs available at maximum potency.

• All Members gain maximum benefits for WvW Claiming.

• All Guild-Specific Vendors unlocked.

• Guild Hall is designed to be a Golden City known as Crew's Landing for our members to hang out in and enjoy

Active and well-maintained Discord

• Custom Guild PvP Room

• Up-To-Date website with new events and information!

If you have any questions about our guild or this website, please contact John Cogbeard [bulwark.2386] ingame! Hope you enjoy your visit to www.endgamecrew.com and hope to see you soon!

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