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LF for Casual Guild for Fractals (EU, English, PvE, Fun, SEA)


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I'm already in a guild, and I love my guild mates. They help me a lot and we have fun! We are a very small, family sized, guild. However, we don't get to play together much due to timezone difference. I'm based in the SEA timezone, and they are in EU.

I'm looking for an English speaking guild that I can join (as my 2nd guild) for Fractals so I can level up. (I'm after the ascended gear) I'm only at level 3 at the moment. I'm not into voice chat, and would prefer in-game text chat instead. I'm a casual player and I'm not really into tuning my character for high DPS damage, but I like getting high-level gear for stats and skins. In other words, I play for fun. I am also willing to join raids and dungeons. I haven't done a single raid, to be honest. I also want to experience WvW sometime, but I'm not sure if the pressure will discourage me.

I don't prefer guilds that demand 100% representation. I will represent the guild I am currently playing with, of course!

My game times are from 6:00pm to 12:00am (GMT+8) everyday. However, I am also often in-game during the day when I'm free.

My Character:

  • Norn Soulbeast (balanced-build)
  • 20+ Mastery Points only
  • 44+% map completion (so far)
  • Exotic gear only (so far)

Current Story:

  • Living World 3


  • PvE, Fractals, Dungeons, Raids, (WvW maybe)
  • English speaking
  • Not 100% representation
  • Text chat only (no voice)
  • Playing for fun

I'm sure not many guilds will want me for what I'm asking for. If so, then that's okay. It's all good. :)

Thank you for your time!

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