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Warrior/Berserker Axe primal burst; Decapitate hitting with both parts on downed foes.

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So i noticed a weird occurance when i was helping my friend test a build out in pvp. I hit him with the berserker axe primal burst which downed him. I saw in my log there were two instances of damage one for the direct hit and another one for the axe wave. My guess is it should only hit once per activation on any foe. It only hits twice on downed foes not on standing foes I can recreate the bug on any downed target. This could be used to basically finish anyone in pvp since it simply does so much damage. This skill has been a but weird on execution from what i remember. I think a possible solution is to lower the damage of the skill but allow the wave to hit the target you initially hit but your the devs so youll figure a way to balence it all somehow.

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