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The Queen and I/Champion Queen Beetle


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@Tom.6478 said:Is this achievement/event bugged ? I've only been looking for it the past couple of days, but have yet to see it.Is there something I need to do to trigger it?

The triggering event is preventing the bugs from rushing the gardens at the heart vendor. After that, the event chain updates to track down the Queen Beetle, but the event doesn't start, so if you don't notice the NPCs moving (because you're too busy getting diflourite, for example), you won't see that the Queen spawns near the beach — the event is too far away for it to pop up on your mini map (although the chain event description does update).

tl;dr hand around the garden; the invasion spawns fairly often. Save the animals from the bugs and then follow the NPCs.The chain seems to be pop up fairly often.

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