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Skill "lag" / activation issue the last few days - Specifically Whirlwind Attack (GS 3) warrior.

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The last couple days I've been experiencing a very annoying issue which "feels" like skill lag, but doesn't appear to be latency related. Let me preface this with a few points:

  • I live in Canada.
  • 150 mbit up/down fiber optic connection
  • 30-50 ms in game
  • I have no lag or connection problems in the game, everything else is silky smooth.
  • I've experience severe skill lag in WvW in the past (when everybody did) and this isn't quite the same.

I roam a lot in WvW on my Warrior. What I will call "skill lag" is very minimal, but extremely noticeable. The one thing that keeps messing me up and driving me crazy is with Whirlwind Attack on Greatsword. In the middle of a fight, I used to be able to use very reflexively and jump right into another skill while moving. Now there is a very distinct delay where if I try to queue up a skill after using WA neither are activated. In the past, if things got really frantic I used to be able to just spam GS 3 and it would go as soon it was ready (waiting on CD for example). If I do that now however, it will never activate - I have to completely break the flow of my skill use to wait for it to activate, otherwise absolutely nothing happens. And yes I'm aware there is a 1s activation time, but I'm playing exactly the same way I always have, this has never been an issue before. It's almost as if there's something wonky going on with skill activation/queuing. Not as noticeable, but shield bash has been behaving similarly.

I'm wondering if anybody has experienced the same thing?

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