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SAB Mount skins!

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As amusing as it would be to have a king toad Springer or great eagle griffin with glowing pixels I imagine if they do SaB mounts it will probably just be minor details on the existing mounts so as to use the same rig. The frog would be a bit different skeleton I’d imagine.

I guess if they add a world 3 this year they could add in something to use for jackal and skimmer though. It’s been so long I forget what creatures they have. The piranhas from world 2 for skimmer?

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LOL! Don't be over dramatic. How would SAB mounts make the game die? Since it uses Asura tech to function, and more or less could fit with their cash shop plan. I mean at least it comes from the lore present in guild wars 2. Some of the over the top particle effect weapons like the Bifrost and Dreamer are more offensive than anything SAB related. (Both lore and effects) Or take your pick with any of the goofy infusions. They're made for fun, not for realism, I mean realism in this game has been out the window for years now. I'm fine with the leggy wep's and infusions, I'd never make either of those, nor shell out for the infusions, but I'm happy for the folks that enjoy them and hope they keep making items just like them. It's just a game after all.

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Please please please don’tDid you forget how SAB gliders ruined gliding?If you do the same with mounts you’ll see SAB mounts all over the place.If anet does this, I want.. no.. need a “simplify mount models” graphical option because SAB mounts might be something that will make me bawl my eyes out.

You know what. i’ll pay the 1600 gems to NOT have to see SAB mounts and gliders anywhere

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I fully expecting a bunch of SAB skins and I can't wait to give them my €20 (1600 gems) for them.

As for the people worried about how awful it'll be, relax, people will use them for a while then go back to other skins; I haven't seen SAB gliders in months.

SAB finisher is still the best finisher though.

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