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A heart for Elona


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Yes, I know there is our long-awaited WvW update in the pipline.Unfortunately, however, hope does not ease the existing frustration. Since months last server in the ranking, always full and closed, again and again the same opponents in alternation and never even the slightest chance of a change.

Yes, I, like probably many others, are fustrated and have already resigned us to it - in expectation of the alliances system.Nevertheless, I dare to ask: Can't you ease our fustration a little bit? I mean, it's basically about nothing more, just to hold out until the new beginning.

Please, at least consider it, would it be so bad if you would at least open the lowest servers, the without linking and/or give them a linking partner - because they never had one before, because they never had a chance anyway.

I mean, what harm can mercy do in this state.

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