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Anyone remember when core professions were updated? (Traits that were made Baseline)


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I was wondering if anyone has a link to when the now core professions were updated pre-Heart of Thorns. I think this was about the time they were prepping the professions for the new Trait Line System. I am specifically looking for Mesmer as I can't remember everything that was made Baseline (Keyword) and what was removed...I can't even remember the name of the traits that gave the extra bounce to attacks, Shatter effect occurs at your location, so on and so on.The Wiki as far as I can tell doesn't really have the full documentation of all the professions. It seems just changes to specific skills and such for each professions. I remember there was s list for ALL the professions. I think.

While I am looking for Mesmer as that's my main/only it would be nice to have it for other Professions too. In the event I want to play anything else.


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