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There seem to be a distinct lack of Stag Helmet in the Gem store, this needs to stop.

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Dear Anet, this is a plea of mercy.

The Stag Helmet has now been missing for two years consecutively, it's family is still grieving as it has left behind a wife and two kids (3 and 5-years respectively).Ever since that fateful night on the 24th of November, 2016, cries of woe all over the world has been heard, clamouring in vain for the helmet that never came back.The widow has taken to drinking to cope with her severe loss, his children asking every day when daddy is coming back from The Great Hunt. "Soon", she tells them, through quiet sobs into a stein of ale, knowing that the day may never come again. His friends has long since held a vigil in his honour, giving his house a viking burial fit of a king, sadly leaving the widow and kids living in a linen-tent on the outskirts of Hoelbrak. They were a decent family, broken asunder by not only a lack of availability, but by a negligence of the highest order.Well now is your time, Arena Net developers, during this March you've elected to hold a grand celebration with acornucopia of items old and new to revisit your grand gem bazaar, holding wonders few people can even imagine would be available to the public for the low-low price of real-world money. If there was ever a time that a hero could make the most glorious and triumphant recovery, why this would be the one shot at seeing his inevitable and fantastic return.

I implore you, Arena Net Developers. Consider putting the Stag Helmet back on the market for this wondrous event, the people not only want, they NEED the Stag Helmet, they just don't know it yet.

A photo of where Stag Helmet where last seen:ipeMVYp.jpg

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