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question regarding renegade dps


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herald is nice for solo play since you can stack 25 might on yourself easily and ok-ish in 5 man group settings if you have all boons in the game, but this is an extremely unlikely scenario.

In a realistic setting, herald is not good because

  1. overall sustained dps is low
  2. dps relies on having perma upkeep skills up, meaning that any use of cc or anything else will screw up your rotation quite a bit (since you may end up lacking enery before legend swap is back off cd again) and
  3. It has no burst at all, dps is more or less constant throughout a fight.. if you compare it to a class like ele/dh or holo, all 3 will outdps herald by miles in the first phase of a fight, and since most bosses have short/mid length phases etc, the dps of herald will be terrible in comparison.

What it does offer is a party wide ferocity buff. But you can get that with condi renegade too and renegade does much better dps and has cc incorporated in its rotation (axe 5)

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