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Returning player here! Need knowledge!

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I returned after about easily over a year. I am looking to get back into the game a little bit. (This is a new account btw so im working my way back up) I recently came to the Fort Aspenwood server (played on Darkhaven for a long time) and looking to play some WvW even tho i'm not a (skilled) PvPer but i just find zerging fun. I'm trying to find a discord or time frames where it is going on. Also i'd like to learn what is new to get game. I've only unlocked the raptor mount and trying to learn how this mastery thing works. Anything I should be doing to progress my character gear wise faster besides the whole boss rotation? Any help would be great! Still love the community here!

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If you haven't done any of Season 3 of the Living World, you can get ascended trinkets and back pieces there quite quickly and cheaply, just for gathering up some of the map currencies. They have selectable stats from both core Tyria and Heart of Thorns, and the ones from Bloodstone Fen can be reset to change the stats (though it will destroy infusions, so be aware of that and remove them first if they're valuable). The current season is only two episodes in, but also seems to be offering a variety of ascended trinkets with selectable stats from at least the Path of Fire and core Tyria set. You can also get an ascended water breather in Bitterfrost Frontier, if you plan to do high tier fractals with underwater combat.

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