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Explosives vs Firearms


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Running rifle holo & elixir build for wvw-

Any point to use firearms anymore? The rifle skill cd & cast time reduction was awesome but no longer...

So it's Firearms:High cal > no scope / (thermal vision? 5% increase but waste on expertise?) > modified ammunition?

VS Raw stats from ExplosivesBlasting zone > Big Boomer > mine trail?

Maybe if your build is light on crit so you can invest stats elsewhere use Firearms? It has some % damage increase but so does Explosives (10% minor vs vuln foes).

Just curious what you guys think or if anyone's done some napkin math

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keep in mind, firearms is more for critical damage. If you are planning on dealing damage from your criticals, then definitely roll firearms. Just pure damage outright, roll explosives. Also, a few of the holo's skills synergize with the explosives trait line since they are explosives.

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