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Performance Question

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Hey guys at ArenaNet. So, this question is slightly off topic, but kind of relates as well.Since the release of this episode, i've changed my hardware. I am merely asking this as a clarification to something I have been testing. Do you know, by chance, if anyone with a similar, or exact same, pc build as I have has been experiencing the same issues as me? Here is what I have been experiencing:From time to time, and often, I will be in an open world map like wvw or just the open world itself (pve), and my skill animations will suddenly disappear. Also, skill sounds and other sounds will also disappear (except music because that is already pre-loaded before this issue occurs, from my understanding). After about 8-10 seconds or so, the sounds will suddenly "catch up" and all happen at once within 1 second.Also to note, other information in game is still being processed (i.g. damage being taken, damage given, text boxes showing up but they're just empty, etc etc) so I don't know if the cpu would have anything to do with it, though I could be mistaken. Here is my specs:AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X cpuASUS ROG Strix x399 e-gaming motherboardEVGA DDR4 3200 MHz 8GB (2x) RAM modulesRadeon R9 FuryX gpu1200W power supplyMushkin 1TB SSD

Some have suggested it could be a not enough RAM issue, different research suggests possibly the SSD is acting up, or the SATA ports. Any little bit of information as far as if this is on your end, or mine, will help. If possible, can you tell me what your end might have looked like in terms of data when this occurred? Not sure if you can view specific information about my account like that on your end. Thanks in advance.

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