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[Issue?] Fanged Iboga: Consuming Bite


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Tooltip ingameConsuming Bite - 1/2 second cast

Damage: 927Additional Damage per Condition: 371Number of Targets: 3Range: 240[Please note, I have taken the numbers from above from directly in-game - base damage is likely a little lower]

Issue?So I was just testing this pet against the training Golem that had all conditions on it, and I noticed that the Iboga's damage was not actually increasing as the tooltip mentions. The average hit was between 1200 and 1290 consistently. Critical hits ranged between 2200 and 2300.

Is this an error of tooltip? Or am I missing something about this pet? Last-time I checked, 'per condition' mean't individual condition type. If anyone else can confirm would appreciate, or share thoughts or provide information on something I may have missed.CheersBea Windrunner

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