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What happened to "Shiny" and other allied dragons from Guild Wars 1?


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In Guild Wars 1, one of the player's companions in Elona was a warrior named Goren. Goren found a Saltspray dragon egg and hatched it. The baby dragon, named "Shiny", was friendly and viewed Goren as his "mother".I have often wondered what happened to Shiny; especially as we have interacted with Aurene and Vlast. Shiny was not one of Glint's offspring, but if he is still alive, he could be a strong ally. We also had other Saltspray dragon allies--two from Cantha. There was a female named Kuunavang and a male named Albax.If Tyria needs friendly elder dragons to replace the current hostile set, these unaccounted-for dragons may be an option. Aurene, Shiny, Kuunavang, and Albax make four.




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It could be that those dragons died for one reason or another, especially if Shiny was just a baby.

Otherwise they could have fallen into a slumber as well?

I’m not entirely sure what the difference between a normal dragon and an elder dragon is, or if Aurene/any other dragon could just “become” one. I’m sure that’s the direction they’re heading, but I guess we’ll see. Are dragons immortal in the sense they can’t die from old age, or are they just really long lived?

It’d be cool to see those dragons again. GW2 is pretty good about bringing GW1 characters for cameos.

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@Konig Des Todes.2086 said:

@"Svennis.3852" said:Just imagine is Shiny had been branded and became a dragon lieutenant ?

Not impossible. Especially since Saltspray Dragons have very similar appearance to wyverns (just more serpentine), they could easily add in a branded wyvern and call it "Shiny".

I've been saying for since HoT launch the best way to handle Malyck (other than yknow actually address an awesome story) would have been to have a chance for any random mordrem in DS to spawn with his name. I guess they disagree what with the Balthazar champ thing, better to make it obscure and impossible to notice for non-lore buffs.

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