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Hammer casting time reduction


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I was running around with my hammer quite some time lastly. I like it as a weapon but there are two things that are bugging me about it.

The casting time of the third AA-Chain and the casting time of the immobilize (3rd ability).Especially in WvW and PvE neither of them feels fluid for me (in pve it feels okish).Note: I am not talking abou the power Level.

Especially when not auto-aim is not activated it is super hard to hit anyone or anything. Especially with all the new mobility added to the game.

I would propose to reduce the casting time of both by roundabout half a second.Maybe Keep it split so you don't have to Balance the AA-Chain in PvE. But in the PvP-modes it is very unlikely to stay in one place Long enough to have a permanent Symbol uptime on the AA.

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