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Culle of the Dervish (random Elite Spec idea)

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So I was thinking, i always like to brew on possible elite specs, stories, areas, etc.And I had an idea that really, I think would favour a lot of people.

So, to bring back the Dervish. With all the malleability and realism of GW2.The dervish would be on the Elementalist, and utilizes two axes. It would specialize in medium to short range combat, and specialize in group encounters, aka, skills that are AoE oriented.

Why now the Dervish, and why the Elementalist?Firstly, the Dervish is native to Elona. Its a teaching that lets one commune with the gods, and harness a gift of their knowledge, and subsequently, their power. Now, the main argument we would never get Dervishes, was because we no longer are restricted to humans. But Path of Fire fixed that. The gods left us, and we have no need to channel their gifts. Instead we have met many Djinn, who have a lot of knowledge about the world and the mists.

So, why elementalist? Well, I wanted the Djinn to replace the gods in the function of the Dervish, and so an elementalist would do most justice to that title.And to make the playstyle truly unique, i wanted to remove the four elements, and replace them with the channel of three Djinn.A Djinn who represents summer, who heals, grants might, and inflicts burning.A Djinn who represents the desert, who blinds, inflicts CC and taunts the twisting sands.And a Djinn of the quall. Who harnessed the storm. Hail and blizzard, heavy lightning, and strong gales.For the last these three we now have a good candidate, too:Zohaqan, whose fury none can tame.Maybe Rubedon could take the Sands place, but he’d need a bit more story.

So with that, its an unique and interesting playstyle, two axes can easily replace the scythe. And the use of Djinn, and our general connections in Elona really make it lorefriendly and fitting, too.I also wanted to shift the scope of damage a bit from fire and a bit more towards ice.Ice is such a powerful and deadly weapon, but the current abilities in the Water school lend poorly for combat.

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Cool concept!

For me personally, the scythe was a huge part of playing the Dervish for me. I’d love to see them introduce a new weapon to the game, and scythe for a dervish elite and javelin for paragon elite would be great. Since they already exist in PoF I don’t think it’d be too much work to add/animate them into the game?

As an elite I think Derv could work for Warrior spec or a new Revenant spirit (how would it be to channel Melonni?)

Otherwise I think it could work as a Ranger spec or Elem like you suggest. I never considered the connection Dervs had to the gods and how it might be affected post-PoF.

(PS - Paragon elite spec for guardians pls. Or even a Revenant spirit, barring the Dervish)

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@yoni.7015 said:Do we really need old stuff in GW2, better new stuff.

This is new? I intentionally changed all GW1 uniqueties of the Dervish to the GW2 era so it won’t be a copy paste. Djinn instead of gods, axes instead of scythe. A dancing ele isntead of a warrior with a scythe.Its about as unique as any other elite spec that isn’t “old stuff”.

You must really dislike 95% of the game if you don’t like stuff that was in gw1

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@Nanoir.2315 said:

@Nanoir.2315 said:We need scythes in this game T-T

I know, but I’ve accepted we’ll never get that, so dual-wielding axes with wide motions, almost like dancing, I believe is the next best thing.

I honestly think we will get new weapons with the next expansion, they will probably mix things up.

I’d love that, but I’m not holding my breath :wink:

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@derd.6413 said:the main problem i see is traits: every minor adept except Arcane Prowess depend on you being able to attune to their respective element


is a good point I failed to consider.. hm.. back to the drawing board I guess.

A quick solution right now would maybe be.. 4 djinn instead of 3 that replace the elements. So the trait association remains. Zahaqan will take over Air. And then water will become ice as tundra and hail, and offencive element. Earth will be mostly sand. And fire will be warmth, for burning, might and healing?

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