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[EU] [SFR] New player looking for an active guild [PvX]


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Hey all :) I'm new to the game and I'm looking for an active guild to join. I would prefer it to be on the SFR server as I might be interested in WvW in the future when I've got to grips with the game. I'm looking for players around my age group (cough I'm in my 40s) so would be looking for a guild with a lot of members around 30+ if possible. I am willing to join Discord but I don't have a mic so it'll have to be by listening only, plus I'm quite shy so I probs wouldn't talk anyway. Uhm, I can't really think of anything else that I need to say, except for my character is a ranger, and that's it! I hope that there is a guild out there that I'll fit into :)

All the bestYuffie

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