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Does your main have a theme song?

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Pardon for slightly derailing this, but I've got a self-ironic streak measured in miles.

  • My chronomancer:
    ("Tick-tock, on the clock, party make the endboss pop"). IKR, just lost everybody's sympathy by now.
  • My thief Bookah Face, in his best moments:
    . The other 98.2% of his time, fleeing,
    ("Can't read my poker face" retexted to "Can't catch ma' bookah face")
  • For most of my characters most of the time it is probably: Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive, in
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Not amain theme, but I know a few songs I like at some times.Berserk’s OST ‘My Brother’ is great for waging war against the Forged and Balthazar.

My brother come join meIn battle we are strongerWhen Tudor will falterSacrifice to the altarOne hundred years of wait is overNow we can claim what is rightful to usOh my brother with your courage we can conquerIn your sword I put my trust that you will honourI will be the higher ground should you concede itAnd my body be your shield if you should need it

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I dont really get people who are listning on random music rather than the actual in-game themes.But if I am going to choose:

Norn characters: The Saga of the Norn

Human characters: Heritage of Humanity
Charr characters: The Charr Triumphant
Sylvari characters: Out of the Dream
Asura characters:

But the BEST theme for all of my characters, hands down:

Simply beautiful, powerful and still gives me chills after so many years! :heart:
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