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Crystal Desert Relics not appearing after being bought

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I have bought both relics but have not gotten them in my inventory or received credit for them filling in my collection. I'm minus the gold, but also minus the items in order to continue toward getting my Griffon. I can no longer purchase them from the vendors either. I've submitted a ticket but I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them yet or not.

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Do you mean something like Maps to the Outpost? That's one of the 25g items. That one updates the Elon River Open Skies collection.

Are you sure you consumed the item, got your 10 trade contracts, and still don't have credit in that particular collection?

To help us to help you, it might be useful to show some screenshots of the relevant vendor(s) and corresponding collection.Or alternatively, if you wanted to share your API key, some of us are able to use GW2 Efficiency to try to help you nail down what's going on.

Or start a support ticket with ANet; they can work with you to figure out what might be happening.

Good luck and please let us know what you discover.

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The screenshots are very helpful. I'm with @"Malerine.5762": I'd like to see the Open Skies: Crystal Oasis collection, too.

  • Gundayo, the Rune of Honesty Recover this rune from the Legendary Corrupted Facet bounty.
  • Icon of the Goddess Purchased from Priest Hakim for 25 Gold coin.
  • Sunspear Tithe Purchased from Priestess Karima for 25 Gold coin.
  • Spearmarshal's Plea Received after interacting with the Last Spearmarshal.
  • Warmed Coastal Griffon Egg Collect this egg from the griffon roost in Crystal Oasis.
  • Browned Coastal Griffon Egg Collect this egg from a mesa overlooking the Hatari Tablelands.
  • Lustrous Coastal Griffon Egg Collect this egg precariously set atop The Teratohedron.
  • Dusty Coastal Griffon Egg Collect this egg from atop a pillar around the Sanctum of Nabkha.
  • Ridged Coastal Griffon Egg Collect this egg from a cliffside nest below the griffon roost.

Just two of the requirements are the 25g consumables; I agree that you are probably missing one of the eggs or the Rune of Honesty.

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