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[Elite Suggestion] Prophet

Regon Phoenix.8215

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Minor Trait 1 (Blessed General)Unlock Warhorn for your off-hand and allow you to use Minion abilities.Replace your Virtues with Commandments. Commandments do not lose their passive abilities while active abilities are on cooldown.

Commandment of JusticeEvery 5 attacks burn your target. Stun your target and command all your minions to focus their attacks on your target.Burning every 5 attacks: 1 stack for 5 secCasting time: 1/4 secCooldown: 20 secRange: 600Stun: 3 sec

Commandment of ResolveHeal yourself every second. Remove movement impairing conditions from nearby allies and grant them swiftness. Grant quickness to your minions.Healing per second: ~84 (scales with healing power)Casting time: 1/4 secCooldown: 30 secRadius: 600Swiftness: 5 secQuickness to minions: 3 sec

Commandment of CourageGrant Aegis at set interval. Grant protection and resistance to nearby allies. Convert all condition on your minions into boons.Aegis: 20 secAegis interval: every 20 secCasting time: 1/4 secCooldown: 30 secRadius: 600Protection: 6 secResistance: 2 sec

Major trait line 1Major trait 1 (Strength of Prayer)Increase health of your minions by 25%. Your minions will deal 10% more damage.Major trait 2 (Crushed by Law)Increase your Concentration and Expertise by 100. Deal 10% more damage against stunned or tormented enemies.Major trait 3 (Battle Bishop)Next healing done on nearby allies will heal them for 25% more. Cooldown: 10 sec.

Minor trait 2 (Righteous Torment)Next attack done by you will inflict 2 stacks of torment for 3 sec. Cooldown: 6 sec.

Major trait line 2Major Trait 1 (Trumpet of Power)Conditions and boons applied by your warhorn will last 20% longer.Major trait 2 (Blessed Legion)Increase healing power of nearby allies by 120. Radius: 600.Major trait 3 (Spirit Avatar of Warrior)Swapping weapons while in combat will deal ~400 (scales with power) damage to nearby enemies. Radius: 600.

Minor trait 3 (Power in Unity)Deal 5% more damage and take 5% less damage while you have an ally or a minion nearby. Radius: 600.

Major trait line 3Major trait 1 (Master of Adaptation)Move 25% faster while you have one-handed weapon equipped. Gain 180 power while you have two-handed weapon equipped.Major trait 2 (Burn Heretics)Burning an enemy will also inflict 1 stack of torment for 3 sec.Major trait 3 (Revelations of Divine Order)Using one of your commandments will call down a divine spirit to heal up to two nearby allies for ~400 (scales with healing power) health. Cooldown: 15 sec. Radius: 600.

Healing minion (Summon Adaptive Healer)Call down divine Sylvari mender. It will grant regeneration to you and attack enemies at range. Mender will heal you for 100% of damage it does. You can command this minion to damage and cripple nearby enemies.Casting time: 1 secCooldown: 20 secMender's damage: ~300 per secMender's attack range: 600Regeneration: 3 secMinion command casting time: instantMinion command cooldown: 20 secMinion command radius: 450Minion command damage: ~200 (scales with your power)Cripple: 5 sec

Utility minion 1 (Summon Juggernaut)Call down divine Charr warrior. It will attack enemies at melee range. You can command this minion to leap to your target, deal damage and inflict bleeding.Casting time: 1 secCooldown: 30 secWarrior's damage: ~600 per secMinion command casting time: 1/4 secMinion command cooldown: 12 secLeap range: 900Leap damage: ~400 (scale with your power)Bleeding: 3 stacks for 6 sec

Utility minion 2 (Summon Inquisitor)Call down divine Norn guardian. It attack enemies at range and burn them with every attack. You can command this minion grant you Zealot's Flame for 3 sec.Casting time: 1 secCooldown: 30 secGuardian's damage: ~200 per secBurning: 1 stack for 2 secGuardians attack range: 900Minion command casting time: instantMinion command cooldown: 18 sec

Utility minion 3 (Summon Virtuoso)Call down divine Human elementalist. It will attack enemies at range. You can command this minion to damage and stun your target.Casting time: 1 secCooldown: 40 secElementalist's damage: ~700 per secElementalist's attack range: 900Minion command casting time: 3/4 secMinion command cooldown: 30 secMinion command range: 900Minion command damage: ~800 (scales with your power)Stun: 3 sec

Elite Minion (Summon Dark One)Call down unholy Asura necromancer. It will attack enemies at range, bleed and poison them with every attack. You can command this minion to place Mark of Blood at targeted area.Casting time: 2 secCooldown: 60 secNecromancer's damage: ~500 per secBleed: 1 stack for 6 secPoison: 1 stack for 3 secNecromancer's attack range: 1200Minion command casting time: 3/4 secMinion command cooldown: 5 secMinion command range: 1200

Warhorn 4 (Crush Heretics)Release a blast to deal damage and inflict torment to enemies in front of you.Casting time: 1/2 secCooldown: 15 secRange: 600Damage: ~400 (scales with power)Torment: 2 stacks for 8 sec

Warhorn 5 (Prophecy of Truth)Inspire nearby allies granting them Alacrity and Quickness.Casting time: 1/2 secCooldown: 30 secRadius: 450Alacrity: 3 secQuickness: 3 sec

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