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New Necro Build - Few Questions


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I'm currently working on a healing/power/toughness minion siphon Necro that also uses Sand Shades.1a. Are the Sand Shades considered minions?1b. Do they receive any of the benefits from minion specializations?

  1. Will the Sand Shades receive the life siphon bonus from Vampiric Presence?
  2. If Wiki is correct, it states they only last 20 secs. Any way to increase the duration?

Any assistance would be very helpful. :)

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Sand Shades are Shroud abilities, not minions.You forgo your usualy shroud to use Shade skills/Desert Shroud. They (Shade skills) are also Exclusive to Necromancers Scourge Specialisation.Viewing the Scourge Trait line, No, shades will only last 20 seconds, but can be re-cast on the Ammo 3 times, recharging every 15 seconds.

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