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pve enginner help me


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I do not have any easy builds in stock, so I assembled this one quickly:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFASncoClXhtdBGpCsehlBjCs+yvg6LAWv3j+zr8QH-jxxEAB1o+jBXAgUVCmjyPT0Bcz+DA8AAAA-e

  • easy PvE build
  • no expensive stat combos
  • no expensive runes
  • no kits
  • no conditions

The stats are well balanced for PvE with 0 toughness (= no aggro), a great HP pool of 20k+, critical hit rate 50-60%, high crit damage, good uptime of mightstacks (10+), average quickness uptime, ~ 100% fury uptime, ~ 100% swiftness uptime. Consider switching motar-kit for the supply-crate as elite, when you encounter ranged situations.

You can camp the auto-attack most of the time, use electro whirl when fighting more than one enemy, rocket charge + shock shield for evasion/blocking powerful attacks, thunderclap as aoe. Medic Gyro toolbelt is great for group-play, because of the area waterfield/protection. For solo, you can switch to elexir H or healing turret. Use Elexir U to maintain quickness when needed and utility goggles to maintain fury uptime. Bulwark gyro toolbelt = reflection, gyro = damage eater. If you want more dps, switch for Shredder Gyro. If you are facing many conditions, try Purge Gyro. Whatever you do: never stop moving. Good luck and enjoy!

This build should work for dungeons, open PvE and lower fractals.

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A solo build DPS : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFASncoCtpitoCeZB0ehlBji+zv8O/LAWv2bcIawDD-jhRBABA8AAe4CAQp6PooDwMlgXt/o8DA-e

Start fight with lightning's field (F2, 5, auto-destruction 6 or 8) to trigger combo (blast / whirl) : stunt, daze, stack power ...Try to maintain a OAE to maximize comboStack vigor (F1 ... F5) & vulnerability (steel packed powder, lock on, expert examination) to gain +20% damageTo survive : Break stunt (F3), heal (F1 + combo), block (4), barrier

i don't know if boon duration is more effective them a berserker build.

A group build : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vdAQFASncoCtpitoCeZB0ehFSjCM2ut/hurr6teMAWuiC-jhRBABUq+zDXAgr2fU+ZmSQU0BAwDAAA-e

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