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My Boyfriend and I Are Seeking A Small, Friendly & Casual Guild [EU]


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Hey Guys!My boyfriend and I are currently seeking a guild that suits our casual play style. We are on EU servers playing on the Ruins of Surmia. We've both played on and off for a number of years since the game came out, but know we are definitely not the most amazing players out there! Here's a few things that would be awesome for us to find in a guild:

  • We'd love a small, active community (preferably a max of 50 players, less if possible!) As we often feel lost and intimidated among larger guilds.
  • Casual and friendly (gay friendly) please! Real life comes first and we can't always be playing (as much as we'd love to!)
  • We are in our mid 20's and would prefer to be in a mature community with little drama.
  • We are dying to try our hands at Dungeons, Fractals and Raiding in a stress free and fun environment! (We'd rather laugh and fail than be at each others throats to succeed!)Thanks for taking the time to read this! If you think your guild is well suited for us feel free to drop a comment below or contact me or my partner through in game mail or chat! Contact one of us at Aelidia.4358 or Zurvae Lifanar.5402All the best!Dittsie!
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You may want to check out our guild. I'm not the guild leader, so I can't invite you. We are a small, fun-loving, easy-going, real life comes first guild.

See our guild post at


You can get in touch with Deatine.2498, our guild leader.

Hope to see you!

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The Guild is small, casual, no obligation at event attendance. We do things usually ad hoc, with weekend raids and guild missions. Max guild size will be 50.

We have no major rules behind 100% rep and having fun. Chat is encouraged in game or via our discord channel.

Failing dungeons is acceptable :)

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Hey guys! I'm in (SYM) Strapping Young Men based on Maguuma ( not required). We are a PvX Gaymer guild whom is always looking for more guys to join. We are very chill and drama free; no elitism present within the community. We are not as active as we previously were but we are hoping that with new members we can stir up activities like raids, PvP, WvW and social initiatives. HMU if you are interested.

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