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Mesmer "Chaotic Dampening" Trait Error

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The Mesmer Chaos Trait "Chaotic Dampening" says it gives reduced recharge to Staff & Trident skills by 20%. This applies to Staff skills but does not apply to Trident skills, however it incorrectly reduces Spear skills by 20% instead of Trident. This also stacks with the Mesmer Dueling Trait "Fencer's Finesse" which functions correctly by reducing cooldowns of Sword & Spear skills by 20%.

So essentially with "Chaotic Dampening" equipped, Trident skills gain no change to their recharge (ex Illusion of Drowning stays at the default 25s). With either "Chaotic Dampening" or "Fencer's Finesse" equipped, Spear skills are reduced by 20% (ex Vortex goes from 40s into 32s cooldown). With both "Chaotic Dampening" & "Fencer's Finesse" equipped, Spear skills are further reduced by 40% (ex Vortex goes from 40s into 24s cooldown).

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