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Can someone please explain the story to me?


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I been playing GW2 on and off for a while, I just picked it back up again after playing last year when I bought Heart of Thorns and I have not really started the story chapters for that expansion as I have been trying to do the original game content and do world completion to try and understand the story more before I move onto the expansion since I will be confused on what is happening there since I don't know the story or lore in the game.

could somebody perhaps shed some light on what the story actually is and what it means moving into the expansions so perhaps I don't have to keep doing world completion on the original content to try and make sense of the world?

any information or guiding will help me a lot, thank you!

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Core game: want to kill ZhaitanSeason 1: Various events leading up to the rise and death of Scarlet BriarSeason 2: Exploring the Maguuma Wastes to learn about Mordremoth waking upHeart of Thorns: Entering the Maguuma Jungle to fight against MordremothSeason 3: Chasing down the White Mantle until you discover Path of Fire: Going to Elona to chase down before he can kill KralkatorrikSeason 4 (so far): Dealing with Palawa Joko

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