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The Alliance of Fun [EU-based] is recruiting!


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Hello there!The Alliance of Fun is a small but friendly guild with currently 27 players and a guild hall at level 17. You can often find our guild members in fractals, doing raids, having fun in PvP, or just chatting with each other in the guild chat. We also have a few new players, who can rely on us for dungeons and lower tier fractals, as well as general information regarding the game. We are quite active in discord as well, so there is always someone to talk to if farming gets boring on your own.

What we ask for:-Obviously, you should be friendly. Insulting people ingame is absolutely unnecessary, and we will call you out on it.

  • You should follow the guild rules, which you can find later on in this post.
  • We ask for all of our guild members to be active. If you just want a guild hall and a random guild, you´re wrong.
  • Of course, you should have [FUN] playing the game. Join us for fractals, dungeons or even raids if a spot is free, fight against other people in our guild hall pvp tournaments, or just chat with others in discord. If you have questions, ask them, and if you need help with something, you´ll most likely find a player to help you as well.

What we offer:-a nice, friendly and active community-fractals (both t4 and lower tiers for people who dont have the AR), spontaneous dungeon runs, regular raid training (which has a full group, but you can always take up empty slots when they appear)-guild events such as a guild pvp tournament, guild missions, and other small games within the guild hall-help in almost all situations and advice for new players.

What we dont want:-Inactive, rude or unfriendly people

  • people who get offended easily
  • people who won´t join discord

Guild rules: - We set 2 weeks as the maximum time you can be offline at once. This does not mean that we accept this as "active". As we also do guild missions every week, you are supposed to attend those (especially if you are already online). Reasons such as "currently farming" or the like do not count, as you do already know when the missions will start anyways.

  • We do have a discord channel for reasons. If there is a general announcement, you will not get it ingame per mail. The same goes for pretty much anything else concerning the guild. Discord does not bite, and you do not need to talk, but it is required that you join the server. You can even mute all the channels, as long as you regularly check the important ones.
  • Just like every other guild, we have a guild hall. And expanding that costs money. Due to that, we ask every guild member to donate one gold per week into the guild bank. This allows us to regularly get new upgrades for our guild hall without a few people carrying the entire cost. If you don´t know effective ways to farm that one gold per week, just ask one of us.

How you can contact us: Just write me a mail ingame, or whisper me when I´m online. While I also check out the forum regularly, it might take longer for me to read the messages. Upon joining, each player has a one week trial phase. This means that if youre not active at all during that week, offend people or whatever, we will kick you without a warning. So, dont join when you plan to go on a holiday right afterwards :)If you have any more questions concerning the guild, just ask me ingame!

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