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Old Email Barring me From GW2 Features

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Hey, so I don't really know what to do here. I've been using the same email for my ArenaNet acct for about 12 years, back since around the release of GW Prophecies. Problem is, I cannot access it no matter what... and as a result, I can't unlock Path of Fire (which I purchased from ANet) since they send a serial code to your e-mail. I've tried contacting support, but while there is activity on my tickets, I think they're sending responses to the email attached to my account - despite me asking for them not to, and providing them an alternative. As a result, I am completely stuck with this old e-mail. I cannot authenticate it because I don't remember [anything] I wrote for it: security question, old password, any of that. I was a child when I made it lol, and I haven't logged into it for maybe 9-10 years.

Is there an alternative way of contacting GW2 support? Clearly sending a ticket isn't working, as I think they're sending responses to the e-mail, as I said earlier. So what can I even do? Did I just waste my money buying the expansion, only to get my serial code sent to an obsolete email?

I can't even ask for a refund, as that's a ticket too. :|

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