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Black Lion Instant Level 80 Ticket not on gemstore for Core accounts?

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This is most unfortunate.

OP, I also have another paid/core GW2 account and this item is also missing from the Gem store on this secondary account. Note: my secondary account could actually use this item. (My only toon on this account is just level 38 and has very few Tomes of Knowledge.)

With the above said, my main account that has absolutely no need of such an item (currently got about 20 stacks of Tomes per gw2effeciency, and I've burned some stacks over the years), IS seeing this item in the Gem store. Also, the Black Lion Instant 80 Ticket can't be gifted. So I can't even buy it on my main account and gift it to my secondary account.

ANET, you might want to recode how this item is seen and bought. You're missing out on selling opportunities here.

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Inculpatus, I get what you're saying. And thanks for the insight. But if that's the inhibiting factor, then having this particular item coded that way, keeps "some" accounts that could actually benefit from purchasing an item such as this from actually doing so.

If I'm Anet, I'm looking at this and seeing if there's a way to capture this segment of the "would/could be buying a Lvl 80 Boost ticket" audience. The way it's setup right now, most people (potentially newer customers) with a paid/core account wouldn't even have known that the Lvl 80 boost ticket was in the Gem store and on sale. Oh well.

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