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[Wish] Can't handle hair styles

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I know Cantha is on the wishlist of many. I also suspect itʼs such a great feat the devs wonʼt do within a few weeks. A small thing, however, that could be added right now are hair styles.

In old Guild Wars I had a Canthan Necromancer lady with one of the most beautiful hairstyle I ever saw in a game. It wasnʼt just beautiful because how it looked, but how it reminded (at least me) of the profession of my character.

When I started playing Guild Wars 2, my first task was to create the descendant of this lady. Iʼm a bit sad she canʼt wear hair like her ancestor (her role model) did.

It would be awesome if the descendant of a Canthan stylist would find a long lost book in their closet, full of drawings of Canthan people with different hair. Who knows, they might get a lot of money by adding it to their shopʼs selection.

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