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Thinking of coming back.

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I use to play before HoT then dropped off, after HoT dropped i bought it and played for a bit but then quit again, ended up plauing bdo for a while but lately i feel myself getting drawn back into gw2

Im a very casual player, so how am i going to fair coming back with PoF dropping?

I wouldnt mind having an mmo i can come back to and stick with when i get the mmo itch and I never got to 80 and experianced end game, although i have a 75 so im not far off. I also hated playing mmos where you had to gind your ass off and had to be on 30 plus hours a week to even come close to gearing for end game or get the most out of the game.

So my questions are mainly what would you guys say about gw2 now in 2018? Would it be worth investing whatever little time i can give and are the comunity still as caring as they use to be. I never had freinds to play with or join a guild so i figure thats where my experience was lacking

Thanks for any help you can give to help me make my mind up!

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It all depends on what you like to do in the games. Is the usually End Game important to you? In my opinion, there is no true end game on GW2 even if you reach level 80 but in my opinion, the game starts at level 80. Pre level 80 is just a tutorial.

Don't try to force yourself to do content. Try to enjoy every part of the game. Just aiming to do raids or just fractals will have you bored in seconds. Not just that I bet you will farm and grind your behind off to get the gear and skills you need but fractals and raids may be repetitive and boring after a while. The game is so much more.

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Yeah definatly agree. I loved all the content the game had to offer before 80 so i guess after that it could only get better right?

Are both expansions content still fun to do? I remembersin wow when a new expac came out the previous content would get almost forgot about

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Whenever I enter HoT maps, there are always people playing. Though, I would suggest preparing for them by playing Southsun, Dry Top and The Silverwastes for a time, first.
You can play Tier 1 Fractals at any time; create your own LFGs. Same with most Dungeons.

It costs nothing to come back and play the content you've already acquired. Give it a try!

Good luck.

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