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PYLON Achieve - you said you fixed it, I still didn't get it :(

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When I read the patch notes and saw that the pylons achieve bug had been fixed in the lead up to the end of PoF story I was really excited.

So this weekend I repeated that part of story again, destroyed all the pylons along the path leading up to Balthazar. I used bunny to kill pylons. I didn't kill all mobs only mobs that needed killing to progress and DIDN'T DIE got to the top of the area to "slay a god" and poof! my achieve disappears, just like before... I submitted an in game bug report and sent a screenshot.

So please ANet tell me what you fixed and and let me know what I am doing wrong??? Do I have to kill every mob in the area? are there any hidden pylons that are away from the main path?I have done that p[art of the story so often its getting tiresome.

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