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[Eu/Na] Vey Hek Did Nothing Wrong [LoR] welcomes ... literally everybody


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Hello everybody,let me introduce ourselves and tell you a bit about us.[LoR] was formed as a transition Guild for former Warframe players who switched or came back to Gw2 after Raids were removed from the game there. A part of the guild are former raid speedrunners in Warframe ([Dicht]-Clan, top 1 #1 speedrunning clan). Our long term plan is to speedrun raids and/or fractals and/or dungeons and/or everything. Right now we're in the building up phase, getting people who haven't played Gw2 before raid-ready so new players are very welcome. We wouldn't mind the occasional veteran elitist prick to fill the ranks tho. Unemployed bums and students who can play 24/7 are obviously always welcome all the time.

We are an international guild, we have people playing both Na and Eu. We have a Discord Server with fun Bots and a channel for dank memes.

If you're interested in either casual play or perhaps even speedrunning sometime down the road or if you wanna leave behind the Stockholm Sydrome Simulator called Warframe and start playing an actual good game like Gw2, here's a list of people who you can contact:EU: zopney.2870, MunchkinMel.8410, FrostyFeet.8724, BrikoX.8156, zaced.7948NA: zopney.3982, TGDM.5908, Moofin.9214, Halcyoner.9426, Stexen.2816, SirAstraeus.7856, Pika.6245

edit: removed the jokes because pc police and such. if you wanna have fun leave the forums behind and come to our discord.

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