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UGO 5v5 Tournaments RETURN! April!


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Hey all!!

We are excited to return AND to announce our next EU/NA tournaments

1, Class stacking is LEGAL! Only one elite and core spec from classes are allowed e.g. Core Warrior, Berserker, Spell breaker.

2, Players may play in BOTH regions, with the understanding that PING is a THING!

Finally, we have the signups below. Please join our discord when signing up as this will be the staging area for all team comms!

NA - 15TH APRIL - https://goo.gl/BwGGmu

EU - 22ND APRIL - https://goo.gl/fcUNBf

Matcherino Donation pages are up!

The donation codes are LIVE!, you can also donate to the prize pool for the region of your choice on top of the free code! So far as a community we have raised thousands for the community and players. Lets start 2018 off with a bang!

FREE Dollar donation Code: NAUGO6



500g prizing is still present for 3rd place in both regions. If you would like to contribute, please send gold to jebro.6370 or jebb.6819.

We are excited to get started AND also give YOU the viewer the chance to VOTE for your choice of series during the show!!

Let us know your thoughts or concerns below.


Jebro - UGO

UGO DISCORD: https://discord.gg/yxUgDVW

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@dominik.9721 said:thx rocket launcher, I'll spend your money wisely on 5,0er and kartoffeln

Consider it my present to you from me for all your friendly words and those of your other hotbox pals.You guys are a true example of how a pillar of community should behave.Cheers !!

P.S. im afraid i live of wellfare while being alcaholic for years already so i could only spare the 5$

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The winner of the UGO is R55 Dragons, winning by the skin of their teeth against Team USA.

IMO i think Team USA deserved to win, based on how well they were playing in comparison to r55. There was a crucial moment however, where Team USA NEEDED to get stillness in the final match, and they let Blue take it (on multiple occasions) in exchange for some kills on the map, but unfortunately over-committing to this, were wiped and blue got both Stillness and Tranquility. At certain points through-out the match, i believe letting those buffs go were the biggest issues.

None the less, Really great matches. Props

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