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UGO 5v5 Tournaments RETURN! April!

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Who knows, maybe one day each of them individually might even be able to code a game, model the assets, implement the leaderboard and its verification system, create the server then give the winners 7.000 gold from their own pocket without asking any help from anyone for anything ?

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@pelle ossa.9705 said:

@Malediktus.9250 said:This tournament should be boycotted as long as dishonoured/suspended people are allowed to take part

no. stop complaining. put up or shhh.

How about no?

how about go back to farm ap?

I would but there is nothing left to farm for AP other than 5k/10k pvp wins. Got everything else except 20 historical ap

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@eoz.1834 said:what happened to bashing wintraders jebro? big mouths about you can't buy me etc? kinda felt sorry for you eating your own words after that video in reddit. peace

If you're referring to the famous video, Jebro was raging against a person (also happens to be the same person whose account got shared by Zan in the mAT) who had donated a large amount of money to the prize pool, and then threatened to pull it out if Jebro would not let R55 compete. At that time whether R55 (or at least Sind and Zan) would be allowed to compete in the UGO had not been decided, and Jebro was just mad at the guy for trying to dictate the rules, not for advocating that wintraders and account-sharers be allowed to participate.

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